Imou camera, how to find ip?

I bought an Imou Bullet Lite, a cheap ip camera. Looks like there is no homey imou app so I am trying to add it as a virtual IP camera.

In the quick-start that came with the camera it says to install their app, nothing about which ip it uses. Any tip on how to find that?

Thank you

For most cameras (without LAN port) you need to install their app (on the phone) and add add the camera to your wifi.
After that you can resolve the ip in your router config (or perhaps in in the camera app).

btw: Are you sure Imou offers JPG snapshot over http-URL?

I use the Dahua app in Homey and it’s working perfect.

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Thanks, got it working with the Dahua app when using ethernet. For wifi, guess the camera needs the password for the wifi, right? And that it needs to be set in the imou app? Cant seem to set it using their web-interface.
Anyone thinking twice before giving the wifi-pass? Someone said the company has a reputation for “phoning home”

Ok, finally got it working using their web-interface.
Thanks to the dev of the Dahua-app, seems to be working well

Anyone thinking twice before giving the wifi-pass?

Using LAN the device is in your network same like using wifi - no difference.

Can’t find the app anymore. Using a Homey Pro

same problem, can t find app anymore

Try the ONVIF app.