Image on setting

Is there a possibility when creating your own homey app to put an image near the setting of that device.

Just an image with more information.

Let me know what type of image it should be and if it’s possible?
Maybe a little code example, too?

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Jens De Smet :grinning: .

You could use custom app settings or pairing page (html). For device settings it seems not to be possible.
An info tabstrip or a link to a manual page with images for each device in the app settings would be my best approach.

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What does it look like on photo 1 or 2 when you create via HTML page?



The first scrennshot are device settings => default generated screen.
The other screenshots are app settings => html where you can define imput fields and store the values in app settings. You can extend the html page with further information.

The device settings are generated by your driver.compose.json in the settings-array (homey.gruenbeck/driver.compose.json at master · RonnyWinkler/homey.gruenbeck · GitHub).
The app settings page is defined in /settings/index.html

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I do need the option to use images in the device settings and not in the app settings.

Is there also a possibility for this?

How to do this, Code example?

I don’t know much more than listed in the developer documentation (see link in my last post).
As I could see there, html is not possible in device options.

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