Ikea turnable dimmer for vol+/- Sonos?

I have both a Ikea Gateway (but not using it) and a Ikea rotating dimmer (not using that either). Is that what you need? Can I help?

But I am very limited when it comes to time.
So if I don’t respond then you know why…

@Rocodamelshekima Yes, I got the cube rotation working :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback :+1:

@Henk_Renting I got an answer from someone else who owns a rotating dimmer:

  • They do not act as a button
  • They do not have a physical min and max
  • The rotating behavior works the same as for the Xiaomi cubes. Turning right will give you positive values and turning it left will give you negative values.

So if you were to get one you could use it to control your volume. You could configure it like @Rocodamelshekima said:

However, the dimmers don’t seem to be available anymore, at least in the Netherlands. A good alternative could be getting a Xiaomi Cube, then you could also control the on/off behavior of your Sonos device.

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I found a driver in the Hubitat Forum.
Is somebody working on a Homey integration?
Driver source can be found here:


I tried this rotating dimmer without succes. It appears on Homey as a “basic zigbee device” it does not have a supporting app.

A better device would be the Basic remote. It does not have a rotating function but atleast you can save the value to a variable. There for u can change volume/ hue or brightness of a device.

I really hope they make app for the ikea rotating dimmer because its the only battery operated dimmer in its class (That is not cube shaped)

The Symfonisk remote is supported in the new Ikea test app:

Have anybody had any success using the dimmer in Homey? I manage to add it with the experimental IKEA app but it doesn’t work in my flows.

even though its supported now, i still cant get it to work.
I see that in the flows you can make with the Symfonisk dimmer there is only input from the rotating dimmer, but no way of “translating” the rotation into + or - a value, how are you supossed to make a variable or control an object without this. there should be at least a differential between rotating up or down so you could make your own calculation based on this, but with only “dimmer rotates” there is nothing you can do at the moment with it, only on-off.


Hello, I also bought a Symfonisk remote in the hope it would be supported after a while (i knew Athom was working on it). I added it a few months ago but at that time it did not work at all. Today I noticed it is working! At least, the button works fine, the dimmer value can be between 0-1. When Homey wakes up, the value is always 1. So I did not try to sync this value with my volume setting :slight_smile:

I tied to make a flow to be able to use the remote as a volume remote for my Sonos, but I did not succeed. My conclusion is that, should the remote be useful for volume or light control, there should be an option to send the “relative” value (from -1 to 1). Tried "programming that in a flow but I did not succeed.

Did anyone get this remote to work as a volume remote?

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It’s such a shame that Homey still doesn’t support this wheel properly after YEARS. We aren’t talking about niche products here, but IKEA!

Same fate probably to be expected for ÅSKVÄDER.

For my (old) Sonos devices, this is exactly wat is needed for volume setting, what value do you need?

One of the problems with the 0-1 value is that you cannot make a 1:1 relation with the Sonos volume. That would result in the Sonos to play at 100% of the volume each time the Homey has restarted. Also, when you use two remotes or more (around the house), “syncing” the remotes with the Sonos volume would be a problem. In my understanding, it would be more useful if Athom would provide the “relative” value (for example +30% or -15%).
But then again, maybe I am missing something here. There I would like to know if someone smarter than me had cracked this :wink:

You can use the “relativ” setting for + or - 30%

Sorry for Dutch language.
This is for +5% , you can also make a flow with -5%

Hello JP, thanks for thinking with me. I am familiair with the “relative” function (I called it incremental, will correct it in my posts above). My point is that the “relative” function is missing in the Ikea remote to make it work as intended. As said, the Ikea remote “wakes up” with (maximum) value 1. So at that point, it would not be possible to increase the volume. Besides the fact that it will send the maximum volume to the Sonos immidiately when you touch the Ikea remote. Hope I made the problem clear… :slight_smile:

May be you can make something as, when Value change AND Value is Lower, Then Decrese Volume relative%
I don’t have this device, so I can’t try this, sorry.

I had a year ago the same problem.the solution is to use “klik aan klik uit awrt-1000”
This does have a value that u can store as a variable. You can also use it in the homey script to for example adjust the Hue of a buld.

One down side of this dimmer is that i noticed that it does not form a chain in the zigbee network.I use zigbee ikea bulb. Yet this dimmer tries to maintain a direct contact to homey instead of joining the zigbee network through the bulbs.
So the range the down side of this device.

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About the zigbee part, KaKu indeed is not zigbee related at all. It’s 433MHz and just transmits its signals. “Coupled” KaKu devices can respond to that.
Homey is the KaKu receiver and the zigbee sender in your case.

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Got it. Thanks

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