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Portable dimmer

Does anyone have a recomendation for a knob like dimmer like the tradfri remote? I want to be able to read the float value of the knob and then controll either volume of sonos or light collour and saturation without having to use a phone or pc.

I like a turn like knob, not a button base controller and it has to be wireless and battery powered for mobility.

kind regards

An Aqara Cube would be a solution.
You can rotate the cube and get the rotation as flow tag. The rotation angle can be defined (e.g. 0-180° > 0…1). This decimal value can be user for dimmer or volume.
In the flow you can check the side which is upside. So you can use the cube rotation for 6 usecases.

But I don’t know if the rotation is exact enough for your needs comparing to a real wheel.

Hey Ronny, thank you.

But I saw terrible reviews of that cube. So i tried the Ikea symfonisk knob but it does not have a compatible app in Homey. So it appears as a basic zigbee device on homey and im unable to read the value out of it.

Thanks for help though​:+1::pensive:.

Don’t know your view on KaKu, but they have what you’re looking for

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This might be a possibility.
Have you tried the kaku awrt-1000 your self? And do you know if it is possible to control and read values without a propietary gateway.

So my question is can i read the values when it is directly connected to homey?

Kind regards :grin:

No sorry, this is not in my setup.
For many devices the values are stored in variables.
I just checked on my Kaku wall switches and remote, they can trigger flows, but there’s no variable available.
That’s probably b/c Kaku doesn’t check statusses, it just sends commands.

You can solve it by creating a flow for it, and dim a smart light with dim functionality with it. The dim value of that light is stored in a variable along with the onoff state.
Using the value of that dim variable can trigger other things.


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Well, Athom even has a video about the features of the Cube…
Alternative could be this Zigbee based remote: ROBB Smarrt Draaiknop Zigbee draadloos | We ❤️ Smart! | ROBBshop

Even has the advantage to Touchlink directly to Zigbee lights

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Guys thanks, the earlier mentioned “klik aan klik uit AWRT-1000” is the solution. I purchased it and I can dim the lights buy storing the values in a variable.

The benefit of this dimmer is that i dont have to own the propretiary gateway like ikea’s. Direct connection to homey possible.

The only thing i want to change about it is , that I wish i could control the step size of the dimmer. But i think i can configure something in scipts.

Kind regards.

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Can you show me your flows to control and read this device?

For most devices you’ll find the matching flow cards in the app store when you select it.