IKEA Trådfri round dimmer working flow in 2.0 - help

I just bought the ikea trådfri dimmer and wanted to create a flow. However the variable #value doesn’t show upp in the list of variables so I can’t set “dim to #value” so I’m stuck and need help. I’ve tried the instructions I’ve found for the previous versions of Homey but I’m at a loss… Does anyone have a working flow in the mobile app on 2.0?

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Same here, only the value can be send through push to a mobile phone, but can’t add it to a card like dim to tag or to a variable

Don’t think it works in 2.0…

The latest update fixed the problem! If anyone is curious :blush:

Could you maybe point as to how it could be used to dim a dimmable light bulb?

Create a flow like this. Hope it makes sense. If not I’ll make some screenshots when I get the chance.

Dimmer rotated
“value” is more than 0.1 (“value” is the name of the local tag from the dimmer)
Dim to “value” (dim the light to the tag “value” same as above)
Turn off

The “and value is greater than 0.1” is for the else part to work, otherwise you’ll have trouble actually turning the light completely off.

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I am probably making a noob mistake, but…
Turning the dimmer should just turn “on” or “off” a light.
No sigar :frowning:
Am I missing something?

Sure, if you only want the dimmer to turn on/off a light but if you want to be able to dim the lights you’ll have to set “dim to value”. It’s not wrong at all, it’s just a matter of preference :grin:

Of course; stating the obvious is always helpfull (not)…
Since the “dim” function is not responding, I tried first with something very basic.
Do you have a functional example?

Ill attach my settings. For me it worked fine dimming only one light but the more lights, the buggier. Unfortunately I have 8 lights I want to dim so it’s not exactly perfect. If you want to test the dimmer just to see if it works, create a variable under more>logic>+(number variable and set it to 1) and add it as shown in the screenshot. When turning the knob, the number should change from 0.0 to 1 where 1 is 100%.

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If it’s running from 0 to1 why not use greater then 0?

I guess you can, it’s just that, at least for me, the dimmer “bounces” and never really reaches 0 and it often ends up on 0.1. I just assumed that they behaved that way but it might just be mine thats buggy…

My experience is that the dimmer is buggy as hell :wink:

I have a dimmer like that set up to din 5 bulbs in the same lamp and it’s not working reliably even on its own (not paired with homey). Turning the control, I get at least 50% of the time one bulb on or off while the others dim…

Same behavior here… Works better with group devices actually… It’s just very slow

First of all: Thank you for the example!

But wow, must say this one isn’t intuitive at all…
Still can’t make my dimmer work.
How did you guys configure the variable? Like below?

np. Yeah that was my configuration as well, if it still doesn’t work, I don’t really know what you can do… it might be defect? maybe try and re-pair it with Homey. Btw, is it far away from your Homey? I noticed that the range was quite bad so I actually had to move my Homey to the same room as my dimmer for it to pick up the signal…

Which app-version do you have? From build 247 this should work, before there was an issue with the local tag not showing…

Now that I finally got it “working”, I realise that the ikea dimmer is in fact a horrible product or it just works really poorly with homey… I returned it and bought a hue dimmer switch to dim my ikea lights through homey. Works flawlessly and quick too… So if anyone else is thinking of buying the ikea round dimmer, I can only recommend not to. At least until it works well.

It works well for me, but I’m using one to directly control my lamps, not with Homey in between.