Ikea Parasoll door / Windows sensor

I also have the homey pro 2023, all my Zigbee routers are Ikea, so N/A

I have homey pro, and homey bridge, ikea dirigera hub. all the parasol sensors that are set directly to the dirigera hub have run for 14 days now without draining the battery, the ones that run directly into the Homey pro fore test. One has drained battery, the other is still running on week 2. It looks like there is a problem in Homey ore the ikea app in homey.

It looks like the Wallhorn motion sensor and buttons are also affected by this issue. But since it has two batteries it’s not as quick to drain. I tried contacting support, so I’ll see what they respond.

After the last update of Homey (10.3.5) I can see some improvement, but it still occurs.

Another problem with these sensors is that the battery indication does not work.

Now it is possibel to connect IKEA™ Dirigera HUB via Matter/thread…only lights work now…so it is hope in future firmware updates that sensors will work … lights work good (HUE HUB connected to Homey pro 23 via Matter…makes lights/sensors work realy fast now)

Just for info, answer from Athom support is…

This issue has already been reported by other users and is being investigated by Development.

The battery status isn’t accurate or working very great which is why we have chosen to not show it until this is resolved by IKEA. Please know that we hoping to solve this with IKEA and make this feature available for you in the future. We hope to resolve this issue as soon as possible!

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same issue here, is there a fix available? 2 out of 3 sensors are no longer reporting to homey hub. I had to reconnect them. I do not have ikea hub, so there is no chance I can update the firmware. Or?

The issue isn’t fixed yet… The only way is an Ikea Hub. :frowning:

Did the sensors get new firmware? I have 1.0.19 now from buy.

There has not been any firmware update yet.

I tried nimh rechargable and standard alkaline batteries, but had no luck. The sensor works for several days and then it disconnects forever and you have to add it again.

I purchased a Dirigera hub and used the app HomeKit Controller to integrate the Parasolls back into Homey. Works well for me. Even the battery status is now being reported correctly.

And have long time last the battery ?

tors. 13. jun. 2024 kl. 22.25 skrev PP5D via Homey Community Forum <notifications@athom.discoursemail.com>:

Mine (5 of them, two outdoors) has been working better since Homey main firmware 11.1.0. Also, with regards to battery life, either low temperature effects a lot or one REALLY needs to use the latest Ikea AAA batteries.

Try the latest IKEA Ladda AAA 750 batteries. NOT the older IKEA Ladda AAA 1100 mAh. (I think they were 1100 at least).

I actually have better luck with my older IKEA Ladda AAA 1100 in the motion sensor Vallhorn, which I also placed outdoor (under a roof). But I have yet to use it in colder (frost) environment.

So, basically buy the exact batteries IKEA recommends on their homepage. They are not expensive.

I have 32 Parasolls installed now. I had noticed severe battery drain when I had them connected to Homey directly (apart from the frequent issue of them going silent after a few days). I have them running through the Dirigera Hub now for about 4 weeks and I believe the battery drain slowed down to an acceptable degree.

I‘m using Amazon rechargeables.

I final word on connectivity - I‘m under the impression that this has significantly improved, as well. However, I‘m currently using 4 IKEA repeaters and just purchased an ikea smart plug (mainly for zigbee repeating, too) in order to better run the sensors in my cellar. It‘s a relatively big house to cover.

Sorry, but it is evident that this is not a battery type problem. The sensor should last over a year on one battery.

I’m getting pretty pissed off, it’s been forever and the fix is nowhere to be found. Ikea sensors are essential for the Homey portfolio. Moreover, the developer Athom B.V. itself keeps recommending these sensors without further notice, as if nothing is wrong.
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IKEA™ Parasoll is useless in Homey now…I’m waiting for an update on Dirigera hub…so I can via Matter use 'm…(Aquara hub M3…connected to Homey Pro 2023 via Matter…let me use Aquara T1 sensor (via Aquara hub M3)…even a 2xSwitch works also…so it is possible :+1:)

I really hope they find a solution soon, it’s crap now.:frowning:

It’s just a battery, they have a standard form-factor (AAA in this case), and a voltage. How a battery can cause an issue?

In Firmware 12.0.0 they have this as a change


  • Fixes an issue that caused unnecessary communication with devices.

I can see how that could affect battery life for sensors.

That said the one Parasoll I still have connected to Homey is still on the same battery after 2 months (Ikea LADDA 750mAh 1.2V) but seems to be getting low now, which seems ok to me. But the ones I have connected to Zigbee2mqtt seem to have lost only 20% in a similar timeframe.