Ikea Parasoll door / Windows sensor

I have 10 sensors on my windows, but they run out of batteri after a week, other experiencing the same problem…?

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Yes, I have the same issue here. Parasoll uses up its battery within a week. Yesterday I replaced almost all batteries and their voltage was below 1V :open_mouth: Probably needs a firmware update and it’s a problem for me because I don’t have an Ikea hub, only Homey.

What batteries are you using? I’m using the Ikea Ladda AAA (750mAh) rechargeable batteries which they recommend and my sensors are working still after 1,5 months (firmware version 1.0.19).

Then I’ll try some rechargeable ikea batteries, hope it helps…


I’ve been using EBL AAA 1100mAh rechargeable batteries for over 2 months now, and the sensor is still working. However, it’s impossible to know the remaining battery life because the battery percentage always remains at 1% on the Ikea sensors, right from when the batteries are installed. I’ve also opened a ticket with Homey support to address this issue.

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I have the same issue. Started with Energizer 1.5V batteries and changed to IKEA’s own rechargeable LADDA 1.2V batteries. Unfortunately it’s the same issue. They run out of power after a few weeks. I guess we need a firmware update.

Have you tried 1100mAh batteries? Because the ones from IKEA seem to be only around 700mAh, affecting their longevity. Personally, I’ve exceeded two months, and it still works.

haven't tried 1100mah. batteries, have put them back on the ikea hub to see if there is a difference.

lør. 2. mar. 2024 kl. 04.03 skrev cobraseb via Homey Community Forum <notifications@athom.discoursemail.com>:

I have the same issue with the battery drain…I tried to use a rechargeable and expensive classical alkalic battery too…(firmware version 1.0.19).
Now I tested turning off the battery indicator at the setting if there were any changes.

Same here, 2 weeks then the battery its empty. I use GP ultra alkaline, :disappointed:

You should try my batteries, they’ve been in the detector for two months now and there have been no issues with the battery so far.


after changing the battery i can’t reconnect the sensor no more… any advice?

I use IKEA’s own AAA 750 batteries bought right on the same shelf as these sensors. Less than a week of work is what I’m getting until a battery dies.

Managed to reconnect them, but they disconnect from the homey every 2 3 days… don’t know what’s the issue with them…

found my ikea hub and moved some of my parasoll sensor back on it, to see if it is the Homey that is to blame for the battery drain.

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But seriously, if you try the same batteries as me, maybe it will solve your problems. For me, it works, and I already have 7 door and motion sensors. I have put the Amazon link for you in a later post.

I have the same problem for one of my three IKEA Parasoll. The one indoor. The other two are mounted outdoor (water-protected but in the cold).

I use IKEA rechargable LADDA batteries, not the latest series. The all white labeled ones. They are just a few years old and by no means “worn out” (have a very nice charger that tells me how much mWh it did put in to them.)

I also have an IKEA Dirigera hub just to be able to firmware upgrade IKEA zigbee stuff. Its easy to move the to the IKEA hub and just “repair” them back to my Homey Pro 2023. All my Parasoll was on the latest firmware already.

Ok, so I changed the battery, and they are working.

BUT when I reconnect them to Homey, they work for a day, max 2, then they are not working anymore.

Installed on the main door, the LED blinks when I open the door, but the homey doesn’t receive any updates from the device, any ideas?

I had the same thing, they worked up to 2 days. In addition, if they are not used, they do not send anything to Homey.
I moved them to HA where they work great and check in every 1 hour.
The problem in my opinion is the Ikea application on Homey.

That’s crazy, I don’t encounter any problems. I don’t understand how it’s possible for you. So, if it can help you, the only additional thing I have is a standard IKEA connected bulb. Maybe this one acts as a bridge and prevents other IKEA equipment from desynchronizing? Also, I have the Homey 2023 Pro. Maybe you have the older version?