IKEA - New E27 1055lm LED2201G8 = unsupported

Ikea has a new light.

Name: LED2201G8.
Type: Tradfri LED 1055lm 7.8W.
Ikea nr: 605.456.73

If I try to add this new light as either a Tunable E27 or a Dimable E27 it says “no app installed, adding as Unknown Zigbee Device”.

This is true for versie 1.27.6 of the official Homey IKEA app.

BTW: the Support | Homey is broken once you select your device and then apps. It does a scroll to nowhere on both Chrome and Brave latest versions once you click apps.

Just tried on my tablet with Firefox, no problem found.

“Unkown” is a clumsy and unnecessary confusing description here imho.
In this case ‘Unknown Zigbee Device’ just means ‘No suitable app found, it’s now added as generic Homey zigbee device’
You should be able to operate lights perfectly fine with the Homey zigbee ‘app’. On/Off, dim and some color functions work without the need of an external app.

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I know that’s not the reason I’m reporting this. We nerds know this to be true. The average user, not so much. So an update would be a good thing.