Ikea Filament Bulb large not supported?

Hello, I have tried to add a ikea filament bulb e27. The app says to add it as dimmable e27 bulb and it does not work, It only gets added as unknown zigbee device. I have searched the topics but seems like no one has had the issue with the filament bulb and only some controllers and so on. Is this light so new that the trådfri app does not support it? Its an official app so i suppose i have to contact athom then. Or am i doing something wrong? I tried restarting homey, Restarting ikea app and restarting zigbee network nothing works.

I now tried eith the regular sized ikea filament bulb and that one has no issue so i think this specific bulb is just not recognized by the ikea app

Adding it as Homey Generic zigbee device should be sufficient; it should be able to handle on/off, dim and color settings of lights.
No need for an Ikea app.

Yep… while added as generic device I’m not sure it will reflect state when you turn on the bulb via switch, the rest shall be working as Peter responsed