Ikea bulbs turns on but wont dim

I have several tradfri bulb both outdoor and inside the house. Every day when sunset starts they should turn on, but there are always one or two bulbs that turns on but it’s dimmed to zero…
The only solution i can think off is to make a flow for every bulb.
When vd button outdoorlights is on and power consumption is less then 1w then turn off and on bulb

I have an homey early 2018 3.2.0
Ikea app 1.6.3

I had something similar after the latest Tardfri app update. Needed to switch the lights off and on to make 'm play nice again. Do you have delays between the switching steps? That seems to do the trick…

Or instead of turn on, select set dim level.

Have 2s delay between each bulb now but i stil have the same problem. Have tried to turn them off and on again and ptp.