How to ajust the dim level on 3 IKEA trådfri E14 candle bulbs at the same time in a flow


  • Choose the first of the three bulbs (put a number on them, so u can tell the difference)
  • Then choose “Dim-level changed” with the tag “level”.


  • Choose the second bulb, and thereafter choose Dim to - choose the tag “level”
  • Choose the third bulg, and thereafter choose Dim to - choose the tag “level”

It works like this:
When u slide the dimmer on your first bulb, the other two bulbs will follow to the same level as the first bulb.

Works like a charm, but it took about an hour to find out. I think this will work with all the IKEA trådfri bulbs.

MARK! It was a little difficult to activate the zigbee IKEA Trådfri bulbs. The trick was - reset the bulb using the wall switch - turn the bulb on (and off) 6 times and then you will get a short flash/blink. It was important to follow the tempo that was shown in the IKEA App when installing. As I´ve understood you can only activate one bulb at a time.

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This can also be accomplished with out using a flow - with the group app.

Add group - select light -> on/off & dim -> choose which lights to add -> select an icon.

The advantage is you can control the entire group of lights using the new device which is added. Or still control each light individually. It also hooks into alexa/google etc.

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