Ikea app or Zigbee update?

Hi , I picked up an ikea on/off switch last weekend

The ikea app doesn’t support it and the default Zigbee app can connect but doesn’t recognise a simple on off lightswitch like this one

Any advice / experience in getting these working ?

If not anyone know if it’s possible the ikea app can be updated.

These switches are simple compact and cheap. I’ve found d a couple of references to people trying to use them but no answer yet other than Hope a Zigbee update will fix ?

Thanks for any help in advance

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In that case would be 3x more effective to make question there, were people already talked about it then to open up a new topic… Regardless, situation is still the same like you read before.

Wow , what a touchy place this is :thinking: I guess from that this product is for techie enthusiasts not joe public

I was going to ask about lack of support for my dyson heaters too but won’t bother

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Ask away Dd3, there are lots of ppl here that want to help you and others.

The small IKEA button is not supported by the IKEA app that connects stuff directly to Homey, if you connect Homey to the IKEA hub you can use that and other buttons in the IKEA hub and still have lights and stuff synced to Homey.

There might come support for all IKEA buttons direcly in Homey… or not… time will tell.

If the Dyson app (https://homey.app/sv-se/app/com.dyson/Dyson/) does not support your Dyson Heater you can ask Athom to add it: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScPKV_joWXvvtACKuOdvDILbAzipk8mer0H4ZfOpJEthg-ibA/viewform?fbzx=-6936295548842344000

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I also bought the little button, it is now in the drawer collecting dust and waiting for better days as I don’t want to buy a different hub for each new device I find interesting. That was supposed to be Homey’s core value, uniting all the protocols and providing constant updates for new devices. The button is surely compatible with Homey’s capabilities, but Athom obviously has different priorities such as making Homey speak Danish. :joy:

The product development management team needs to get their sh*t together asap, honestly I sometimes have the feeling there is only one programmer sitting there with five idiot managers telling the poor guy what to do.

If you want an alternative, Xiaomi’s Aqara button works without any problems (you don’t need the Aqara hub) and it is also pretty cheap.


@aeonax, I can assure you there is multiple development tracks ongoing simultaniously on Athom and translations is done by external experts so not to worry, Athom have focus on “fixing shit” too :wink:

When it comes to the IKEA buttons they are not the same as many other brands in the way IKEA designed them, just recently IKEA announced changes in how their stuff will pair with their hub so I think future buttons will be more compatible with Homey.

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Not talking about the infamous Tradfri multi-button remote control which will probably never work with Homey, we are discussing the newest 2019 mini dimmer which is available for months now and it has replaced the circular one.

This one: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/tradfri-wireless-dimmer-white-10408598/

The rotating dimmer is supported within Homey natively, without an Ikea hub. But gues what, it is out of stock. :smiley:

Others seem to be able to make it work without the Ikea hub, like for example here - https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices/E1743.html. :woman_shrugging:

Even if IKEA has designed them in a way that doesn’t conform to how other brands work, other controllers can work with these devices just fine. Homey’s core Zigbee software apparently just isn’t flexible enough to quickly add support for new devices (either that, or Athom isn’t pragmatic enough to understand that for regular users it doesn’t matter if a device conforms to a strict standard or not, they just want it to work).

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Thank you ! I’ve filled in the form :crossed_fingers:

Thanks will take a look