IF card for Homey (device) if one connection is dropped


Is there a possibility to make a IF card for Homey (device) if one connection is dropped from a other device and you can see that red icoon with a exclamation mark in it. WiFi connection is sometimes lost.

Because then u can take action if a connection is dropped.

IF > connection is dropped

THEN > Push notification to user

IF connection = lost,
THEN go fix the connection for good.

If connection is lost then no possible way to send notification…or am I missing something?

Nope you dont miss something. He means fix the real problem.

Basicly , why is it lossing wifi connection :wink:

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No its the WiFi connection of divices like LIFX lamps sometimes it lost the WiFi connection. There is then also no connection to Homey and if homey me then a warning give then the lamp is not burning all night.

So… as roco stated in his post. fix the real problem :grinning:

If you dont get the point…fix your bad wifi

Guess your looking for something like this… but the point stays… fix the problem

I think the WiFi sent/reciver from LIFX is weak because dont have troubles with any other WiFi devices. The router is a ASUS AX-11000 and the range of these lights is 5 mtr.

It also can be a good idea to check your wifi and zigbee coexistence.
Interference check:

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