Icasa 4-in-1 dimmer ICZB-DC15

Hi everyone,
I recently bought a dimmer device from Icasa, which is capable of dimming different combinations of led strips. However, when I try to connect it to Homey I can’t find the device in the app. Is this a case of there is not yet been any development for this device or am I missing something? Has anyone else already used this device sucessfully in Homey?

It’s supported by the test version of the app, but you’ll need firmware v5 (which is still experimental) to install it.

Oh…Do you happen to know why that is? Is there a technical reason the device isn’t added to the app for the current firmware?

In the v5 firmware, the Zigbee part has been rewritten so it now supports more types of devices, and should also be more stable. It may be possible that v4 can also support the device, but it’s not possible to have two different types of test version of an app in the app store. Most developer chose to only have the v5 version of the app under test.

OK, thanks. I guess I’ll wait until v5 is released then.