ICasa remote control not

while adding the remote control in the ICasa app, it adds it as an unknown device every time. someone same problem?

It functions fine here…
Is it Z-Wave or Zigbee?

Its the zigbee variant

Strange, I have the same one (Zigbee too) and that one works fine.
You can try the Robb Smart app, but I believe that remote is Z-Wave. Not sure though; otherwise it’s the same.

I think that you are on Homey Firmware version 5. Is it?
If so, you need version 3.0.1 from the Icasa app.
If you are on version 5.0 fot Homey and you are on version 1.1.9 thet will not work i think.
For Homey firmware 5.0 use this Icasa 3.0.1
Mine is working fine at Homey 5.0 and 3.0.1 for Icasa.

It finally worked with the beta app of Robb Smart.
Thanks. Now figuring out hoe to create flows with every button. Do you guys have some flows which you can share?

For example to work with my light.