Cannot connect to Icasa

I try to connect a Icasa (turn) dimmer via the Icasa app to my Homey.
It say push the reset button 5 times.
I tried this a lot of times without success.
Anyone who has a solution?

  • Do you have any other zigbee routers? (All mains powered zigbee devices)
  • What & how many zigbee devices do you have running on Homey? You can find that on the developer site
  • Did you ever perform a full zigbee reset after firmware v5.x.x was installed?
  • Where do you put the dimmer or Homey when you start the pairing process? Are they near eachother or 10m apart?
  • Did you try the latest version of the app, v4.0.2 test?
    iCasa | Homey

Thanks for the reply.
I have only 5 zigbee devices running (like smoke detectors)

The dimer and the Homey are approx. 6 meters away.
I will start withe latest version of the app.

Okay, thanks. Try to hold Homey as close as possible to the dimmer while pairing, like 5 cm.
Use an extension cord or power pack to make Homey “mobile” :grimacing:

't was wel een zenuwslopend werkje. De Homey vlakbij gezet en zeker wel 20 x via de resetprocedure proberen te koppelen.
Tot mijn verrassing lukte het toch.
Dank voor de tip.

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