Do all Zigbee devices have limited functionality?

I am using Z-Wave for many years now, but because of some problems with the network lately (lag and unresponsive), I took a shot with Zigbee and I quickly noticed that I’m spoiled by the ‘old’ Z-wave technology.

I already had some Zigbee lightbulbs and they work fine (as they light up when Homey says so), but today I installed my first Zigbee switch. It’s an iCasa InWall switch. Apart from the fact that it is really huge (compared to Fibaro micro modules), I’m surprised to find out that it does not seem to send status reports back to Homey, so not triggering flows and no energy metering. Compared to a Fibaro module it has way less functionality. Does anyone know if it is because of limitations of the switch or the app?

Otherwise, I installed an Osram Smart+ plug and I’m still trying to find out what’s so smart about it. This one does give back its status to the Homey, but it takes way longer than with my ‘laggy’ Z-wave, even thought it is directly connected (not hopping over any other nodes in the network). Also, no metering or any other ‘smart’ functionality. Again, hopefully it’s the app and not the plug?

For now, no more expensive zigbee switches or plugs for me. KAKU can do almost the same way cheaper. Any other thoughts?
Kind regards

Not sending status reports nor triggering flows is a limitation of the app. The same devices from the same OEM run perfectly with the ROBB smarrt app (including triggering). Note, the iCasa devices have a modified ID, so are not 1:1 compatibel with the ROBB smarty app.
But indeed, this particular device does not support energy metering. Although in the future that might not be a limitation with Homey Energy.