I want a notification or trigger at a specific temperature or wattage on solar panel

I want to set a temperature at which a notification or trigger is sent/activated. E.g when temperature goes below 7°C in my house at winter. I can only find the possibility to get a notification/trigger every time the temperature changes. And this happens often!

Use the “AND” column!

IF temperature changes
AND measured temperature is below 7 degrees (use a tag)
THEN send push message

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different ways to do so, for example

Flow 1. When temp change, and (logic) temp tag is lower then 7, then disable flow 1, and sent notification……….

Flow 2 When temp change, and (logic) temp tag is higher then 7, then enable flow 1.

also you could bo something with a boolean

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Like fkey stated, and he is right for what your asking. But in that case you also have a notification when the temp changing to 6.9 6.5 5.6 3.4 ect ect

Maybe you want that ofcourse


Problem solved! Thank you.

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