I need help setting up a smart flow for a timeline alarm when a door is open more then x time

Hi, i have already tried several soluctions, but none seems to work. I have several eufy door sensors, and i would like to get a timeline alarm if an exterior door stays open more then half an hour or a full hour.
I have that sorted out easely in the eufy app, but i had to turn off the notifications because of the integration with Homey pro.

Im guessing this question was already posed, but i didn´t find the soluction on this forum.

Thank you in advance
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It should not be very hard to set up a flow like that, when “contact alarm” is on then start the timer (you need a timer app, (multiple available), when the contact alarm is off stop the timer. And when timer X reaches 30 minutes sound alarm, send notification, etc.

Also, you can connect Eufy to Homey and still have notifications etc, I use a second account in Eufy to connect to Homey. [APP][Pro] Eufy Security (first post). That way your old solution would probably still work too.

Just made a really simple example that you could do in normal flow or advanced flow, haven’t tested it, and of course you can add more criteria or optimize it. This is just an example.

Thank you very much

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The Device Capabilities app has a special new flowcard for this: When device.capabity meets a condition for x period of time. No more need for 6 flowcards, just the one :slight_smile:


Yes Arie, I was just making an example :wink:


Or make the door a separate Zone, and use Zone Activity to start the notification.