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I am getting Fibaro temperarily unavailable

I am getting This messages many Times a day.
When i press de button in the app to turn on the lights that are connected to the Fibaro dimmer.
Flow with these dimmers also don’t work many Times a day.

Did you contacted Athom already?
Because you posted this problem 4 days ago already!?

Yes i did , i send IT on the beta page.
Could you also send This in the beta page.

No, because I use a Homey Pro and no Homey-Bridge. And I don’t have such issues with Fibaro devices.

homey issue known, “Fibaro is temporarily unavailable, it will be back shortly.” (The new Homey — Beta Status | Homey).
It’s a problem wery ennoying to me too… Now it’s all the day.

I think atom fixed all the problems today , i don’t t have any problems anymore.
Fibaro ,zigbee, kaku (rf) is working great.

My fibaro dimmers 2 are not working again.
I thought they fixed te problem a few days ago.
I am getting z-wave unavailable.