Hue Motion Sensor --> Motion or Occupancy?

Hi everyone,

what exactly is the difference? Which one should i take?

Thank you in advance!

I think I read the occupancy is another driver for the same device, created separately so the old one is still available. Some had better luck with the occupancy version I believe. But I may be wrong. Maybe the [APP] Philips Hue Zigbee thread is a better place to ask.

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You are correct!

The Motion driver is the legacy driver that many users have installed since before and make use of the standard Zigbee clusters. It uses a counter for resetting the alarm efter an initial motion detection.

The Occupancy driver makes use of the Philips Hue Manufacturerspecific Zigbee cluster enabling support for the device to enable/disable the alarm based on movement and absence of movement.

Installing a new device I advice to use the occupancy driver.

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If i add the motion sensor as motion sensor or occupancy sensor, i get the error that Homey does not recognize it and just add it as a general zigbee device. I am using your official app and were able to add two sensors in the past. Help?!

I only use the Philips HUE, without the bridge App for the Motion Sensor.
Is that the same problem there?