Hue Bridge and deCONZ in one mesh - is it possible?

I’m using in my Homey the Philips Hue app (with Hue bridge). I’m happy about it - it works fine, zigbee produced by Hue Bridge is fast and stable, I have automatic firmware updates for Philips products. But I also have some IKEA Tradfri bulbs - and I’m missing possibility to update their firmware.

I know that this can be done via Tradfri gateway, but I don’t have one. Or by deCONZ - I have ConBee v1 stick, I can install deCONZ. Now I’m looking for a way to upgrade firmware without resetting bulbs.

To make my long question short: it it possible to include deCONZ into Philips Hue zigbee mesh just for one reason - possibility to upgrade firmware in IKEA bulbs?

In theory it seems to be possible, but I doubt anyone here has tried so no one will be able to help you out.