Hue App error: continuously going in error and restore again


since a week or two the Hue app isn’t working properly anymore. All the Hue devices aren’t responding properly anymore. They seem to be flickering between working normal and unreachable. As can be seen on this video:

When I try to switch on or off a Hue lamp trough the Homey interface, I get this error:
Apparaat Onbeschikbaar
Response timeout while trying to fetch (over 5000ms)

I already tried the following things:

  • Connecting Homey via WiFi
  • Conencting Homey via Ethernet dongle
  • Restart the app
  • Restart Homey (with 10 minute delay)
  • Deinstalled the App, restart the Homey, reinstalled the app (and repaired all my flows)
    All without any result.

I also created a monitor flow, which checks the status of a Hue lamp every 10 secs. I counted the times that I get an error; this was approx 60% of the time. I also checked if I could ping the bridge at (with the Homey app Netscan) every 10 secs, this succeeded 100% of the time:

I didn’t change anything in my network. So I’m really running out of ideas here. Since controlling the Hue devices is the major function of my Homey, the WAF is decreasing enormously. So I really could use some help here.

greeting, Bram

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