HP2023 and energy manager in web app

I am new to Homey and just setup my new HP2023. The web app seems lacking a lot, i.e. the energy manager view is under construction and most of the settings are ‘coming soon’.

But in the known issues I do not see this limitations. Is this a HP2023 issue or a general web app thing?

The last part…

Wow that’s crazy because the energy manager got presented 4 years ago and the web app 2 years ago, if I read it right.

That’s really a.long time for being under construction.

That’s why the mobile app has everything, the webGUI is just an additional feature that has low priority.

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Unfortunately it does not have everything:

  • Insights or diagrams of deviceas
  • Groups of devices showing all detailed statuses (even the great groups app does not supports this)
  • Energy manager with historical data
  • Show the status of roller shutter devices
  • Dark mode

A lot of these features were even present in homee. I am a bit disappointed with the core features. Advanced flow etc is great, but the basics are not imho.

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