Lots of coming soon in Web app Homey Pro 2023

I see that the majority of tabs in the Web app for Homey Pro 2023 is coming soon. Where it does exist in the beta app for this device. When will they become available in the Web app?


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Turn it around pls. This screen is just introduced a week ago… The app settings are now available via the web app, great isn’t it?

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This is what I get.

EDIT: Ah you’ve a 2023 and I have a 2019 model :crazy_face:

Can’t you scroll further down? The app settings are below System and Integrations, just like the screen on the mobile app

Yes I see the apps settings there. But my question is about the top part Led Ring, Language, Location, Time Line. But robertklep allready said that they will come soon.

Ah okay.
I was just trying to show it’s a nice new step with functionality, while you seemed to look only at the lacking parts :wink: Nothing more, nothing less.
Oh, and the "soon’ Robert meant is not literally soon, but it is the Athom version of Soon™. Which means, somewhere in the future.

at least, they adding again :upside_down_face: , hope they do energy soon.

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