[HowTo] Homey Pro (Early 2023) - Getting started (With Early Access)

I see a lot of questions on Slack and here due to mistakes or nor reading. Lets see if we can organize them by topic.

You need the BETA / TestFlight version of the Homey App to start wit your Homey Pro!
Pls Start reading here: Homey Pro — Early Access Status | Homey

Join the iOS beta
Join the Android beta

Your Homey App should look something like this now:

Do not look for a Wi-Fi network (HomeySetup-XXXXXX) anymore,

If you have other Getting Started with Homey Pro (Early 2023) questions: Drop them here!


You can do almost everything with the new v7.0.0-Beta Mobile app also with all other Homey’s, except Setup an older Homey! Use the stable v6.11 App for that until it is implemented in the new App

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My first expérience with Homey pro 2023.
Today I received my Homey Pro 2023 and immediately prepared it for a migration from Pro 2016 to Pro 2023. I first put Homey into setup mode, then installed the new beta iOS app. In the app, press Home in the upper left corner of the home screen and then add the Homey Pro 2023. After this, you can add the Wi-Fi network or the Ethernet cable. Then you will be asked if you want to restore an existing backup. Up to this point, everything went well for me. All devices, variables, and apps were restored properly, except for the flows. Only the advanced flows that I had created were restored. I couldn’t restore all the other flows, which for me were the majority. I tried this multiple times with four different backups, but unfortunately, I didn’t get any results. I did send a ticket to Athom with diagnostics

What a mess… also experiencing a lot of problems. This is rushed and far from done. The app is super sluggish, zigbee isnt available, all my flows are scrambled and not working. Most of the apps are not functioning properly yet. Okay its a beta, but is feels like an alpha stage.

The hardware is fine I guess, I don’t notice the upgrades but should be fine.

Its a very rough start for sure. I’m not in the mood for troubleshooting and paving the (long) way to getting this back to the old state.
P.S. isn’t an option anyway because my ‘old’ homey died while plugging it in. It now lies next to its predesessor which died the same way. Two Homeys down and a far from finished ‘pro’ with paralizing software

It wil work, did change from homey 2016 to homey 2023 an it went well. Knew dat i had to reinstall my zigbee devices.Al zigbee’s are connected and stay connected after restart homey. Only one app not working for me yet pioneer app …Homeydash is working to.

Cant repair zigbee devices if zigbee isnt available


Thats true if zigbee is notworking you can’t hit the try to repair button.

Now it crashed and flashing red. Cant seem to get it reset by pressing the reset button. It just doesnt respond to anything. Great start, building a pile of dead homeys here

They known this issue

I have the same

Several reboots can solve this issue they say

Hopefully they will fix this soon so I can use my HMP23 soon

‘hopefully’… it shouldve worked out of the box. this is just not acceptable. Z-wave isn’t doing anything, zigbee is gone, flows are gone. nothing is working.

they said: migration is done except for pairing your zigbee devices again. Old Homey only could sustain 20 so thats a few minutes work.

I have a round rainbow LED for only €399!

Welcome to Early Access…


Despite all the warnings from developers that Homey isn’t ready for public consumption yet, Athom went ahead and shipped anyway, probably hoping that all the Early Access buyers would understand what they were getting in to. And a fair amount of those buyers were very vocal here in the forum, demanding that Athom should ship their precious Homey despite it not being finished yet.

In other words: you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t :sweat_smile:


no problem, I said I understand it is in Beta. but the hardware doesn’t work. I don’t have Zigbee, I dont have Z-Wave. My second homey died due to power adapter issues (AGAIN) so I’m on my third Homey the so called PRO and it is a paperweight.

Did you do a factory reset?

I spend my Sunday transferring devices from old Homey to hp2023. And starting re-building flows from scratch. I must say I had barely any issues, only 2 zigbee motion sensors I had to repair a few times. I must say, all flows are executing much quicker now and I have no issues with the speed of the app. So really happy! I transferred 22 zigbee devices, 3 zwave devices and 7 klikaan devices. Further I have rebuilt 15 advanced flows and have 13 apps installed

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I do have one issue: I can’t see the zigbee routing on the developers site while I can see the routing on my old Homey.

Not implemented yet

Which part, the actual meshing itself or reflecting it in the dev portal?

Dev portal

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Same experience here. Super impressed with the speed and the advanced flows. I did not do a backup restore from my old to new homey as I thought it might be a good idea to revamp my flows and design. So I took the weekend to add the devices and have my “old” flows on one side of the screen whilst I familiarized myself with Advanced flows and converted them into a (way more efficient) great working new built.

All in all very happy with the new homey (yes there are still issues/missing cards etc), it’s aesthetics and performance