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[HOWTO] Home/Away with Wifi (Homey (Bridge) / Homey Pro)

How to set Home/Away when connected to a specific wifi network.

This solution works for the Homey (Bridge) and Homey Pro


2 - (TODO)

0. Preparation

  • Create a new flow in Homey: Shared Flow | Homey
  • Repeat this for every user (change the event name for that user. In my case mp_home_away)

0.1 Webhook url

  • Go to the flow you created in the previous step
  • Click on the info icon in the IF card
  • You’ll see this:
  • Your home url will be like this
  • https://ATHOM_CLOUD_ID.homey.eu-north-1.homeycloud.net/webhook/?event=mp_home_away&tag=home
  • Your away url will be like this
  • https://ATHOM_CLOUD_ID.homey.eu-north-1.homeycloud.net/webhook/?event=mp_home_away&tag=away

1. Android - IFTTT


  • Download IFTTT on your Android phone (IFTTT on Google Play)

  • Create an account or login

  • Grant all needed permissions

Create applet

  • Click in the bottom on the button create

  • Click IF → Android device

  • For Home - Select Connects to a specific WiFi network

  • For Away - Select Disconnects to a specific WiFi network

  • Input your network name

  • Click continue

  • Click THAT → Webhooks (search via searchbar on top)

  • Click Make a web request

  • For Home In the url field paste your Home URL you retrieved in step 0.1

  • For Away In the url field paste your Away URL you retrieved in step 0.1

  • Method → GET

  • Content Type → Text/Plain

Final steps

  • Make sure you did above steps twice. one time for Home and one time for Away

  • For a extra user: repeat above steps on a different phone with different IFTTT account.



Hi Martijn!
I seem to be on an other datacenter. Me Frankfurt you Helsinki?
So peeps should take a peek at the Logics card “A webhook event was received” for the correct URL.
The owners’ Athom ID is also present.

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@Peter_Kawa ! yes you are correct. However eu-central was not working for me today. So I tried eu-north. But indeed best is to take it from the card. :+1:

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Ah! Didn’t know you can use another datacenter at your likings :grimacing:

As long as you are in the same region. So EU or US.

The Homey you register will be put in a region. I tried connection from US but that didn’t work