[HOWTO] Cast your Home Assistant dash via LAN to your Google Hub(s)

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I couldn’t find a topic about this, so I wanted to share this howto with y’all:
How to cast your Home Assistant dashboard to your Google Hub(s).

In HomeAssistant, you can add the network IP addresses of your hub(s) and HA instance, combined with your (or a user) ID, to create a login without having to enteri the, or your, credentials.

  1. Add this code to your HA configuration.yaml (assuming your subnet starts with 192.168.)
#  - type: homeassistant # This shouldn't be here!
  - type: trusted_networks
#    - 192.168.x.x/24 ## your devices' subnet (where you want to login) # pick a whole subnet (less safe), or (a) specific device IP('s)
    - 192.168.x.x ## your device IP
    - 192.168.x.x ## your other device IP
    - 192.168.x.x ## etcetera
#      192.168.x.x/24:  123xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx9z ### the user id, from any HA instance on your subnet (less safe)
      192.168.x.x:   123xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx9z ### the user id, from a specific HA instance
    allow_bypass_login: true

# user id can be found here:  http://homeassistant.local:8123/config/users


  1. Probably a restart of your HA instance is needed.

  2. Now you should see the screen below, after you pick the Chromecast app card “Cast a webpage”, and enter http://192.168.x.x:8123/lovelace.../..... (8123 is the default HA port number, and just copy/paste the URL of your favo dash page here).

This might also come in handy for displaying the dash in a browser on a tablet. After entering the HA url, it should show right away (if the tablet IP is in the listing, or if you enabled a subnet)

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Very nice! what device do you use for freezer ?

Thanks! I use standard Aqara Temp/Hum sensors. Only battery drains a bit faster in freezer🙃

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