[HOW TO] View your Homey v2 flows in a browser

“no app found for”… errors are probably comming from broken flows. They will be marked as ‘broken’ in the flow viewer. These errors don’t prevent the flow viewer from loading flows.

I’ll look into the filter undefined issue.

Hi all, thanks for reporting issues. I updated the flowviewer tonight with a few bugfixes and improvements. drag-flow-to-folder is fixed and the viewer handles reloads a bit better.


Any idea what’s the issue when it’s stuck at PRESENT FLOWs loading screen forever? Mine doesn’t go past that loading phase…

pressing the edit-button shows them but still a keeps loading flows in quite some folders…

Thank you for your effort and time you are putting in this!! This really makes Homey-life a lot easier.

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Do you get errors in the console view? (F12)


thank you for this!! It gives you more a sort of an overvieuw of your flows

Yep, the same errors I got… argDef is undefined

Flowverview :wink:


Same here. Thx guys, really awesome!
So much that I am nearly ashamed or even scared to say “if adding flows would become possible as well, I definitely would like to donate!” :blush: :man_supervillain: :+1:

Which browser is this? Do you get more info when clicking [meer info]? I’ll probably fix it tonight. Will als add a version number :slight_smile:

Hi all, probably fixed the argDef situation with latest commit (v 2.0.0). Please try again.


It’s working! Top

This tool just saved me some hours (and probably a heart attack :smile: ).
Moved over all my variables from Better Logic to built-in Logic. Without the browser overview this would have been near to impossible… :slight_smile:


Is there a reason doing so?

Not really, just didn’t really need BL anymore since the new Logic available in 2.0.
So why run an app which takes up RAM and CPU when you don’t need to? :slight_smile:


I’ve been using this alot to find variables and flows which is extremely helpful.
Recently, I’ve not been able to get past “making Homey great again” screen when the folders are loaded.
I’m running this remotely off the athom cloud as I don’t have a computer at home…

Wondering what’s happening, something I did broke it?

Same issue here.

Is it working locally when you are in the same network with homey?
I’ve been using it with Athom’s cloud as I don’t manage homey when I’m at home and it doesn’t seem to be working remotely…

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