How to use Zipato MM controller (roller shutters) with Homey bridge


I just bought a homey bridge, and I’m trying to switch my system from a Zipabox V1. In particular, I have roller shutter controllers but I cannot configure them.
The Zipato application is not compatible with homey bridge, and “roller shutters” is not listed in the device types (the association works but it is recognized as a basic device with only ON/OFF). I don’t have any status feedback or the ability to set a specific open position.
Do you know if the Zipato application will be available on Bridge, or if it is possible to manually configure the Zipato configuration parameters with Z-Wave Raw Configuration Parameters?
I have 15 roller shutters and I don’t plan to change all my controllers…

Thank you !

From what I can see, it’s a community app, which means that it’s not likely (although not impossible) to be made available for Homey Bridge any time soon.

Ok thanks !
Do you know if there is a way to configure manually using ZWAVE settings?