How to use Two Humidity sensors in a Flow

Hi I just got a Homey Pro (erly 2019) Ver: 7.1.3. I have two humidity sensors (two bathrooms) which must control a fan, how do I make a flow for it?
Once I have selected one sensor, I cannot select the next one. Is there anyone who can help with that?

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Can you explain what you want to achieve and when?

Hi Jesper,

As Tjerk asks, it depends on what you want to achieve,

But you could start with a Flow
. Humidity-Sensor1 Changes…
. Some Logic on <Tag Humidity-Sensor1 >
. AND / OR
. Some Logic on <Tag Humidity-Sensor2 >
Then …
. Do Something …

And then Dupolicate that Flow for When - Humidity-Sensor2 Changes.
Pls See How to use tags in a flow - #8 by Rocodamelshekima

Hi Jesper,

Things can often be achieved in different ways.

So I just wanted to point you to this approach, it might give you new ideas:
If you’d want to use the mean average humidity values, you can use the < group > app and create a group of those 2 sensors.

You can do this by adding a new device, pick the < group > app and pick type ‘sensor’; then tick the ‘humidity’ box; then select the two sensors you want.
The app calculates the mean average of the 2, without the use of a flow.

The new device (‘2 vochtsensors gemiddeld’ is Dutch for ‘2 hum. sensors average’)

By viewing the advanced settings, you’ll see it calculates the ‘mean average’ of the grouped sensors (luchtvochtigheid = Dutch for humidity):

Then, you can trigger the flow with the new device, which represents the two sensors:

MANY THANKS for the quick response. I’ll probably be asking about more things

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