How can I use or in a flow

Can anybody tell me if this flow works?

I would like it to work as follow:
When the humidity in my bathroom is between 60 and 70
Or the humidity in my livingroom is between 60 and 70
then switch my ventilator to medium level

And what is actually not working? Did you read this: (or :

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My question is how the and and or is handeled

thru when (A>60 and A<70) or (B>60 and B<70)
thru when A>60 and A<70 or B>60 and B<70

in the top one either one of the humidity has to be between 60 and 70
In the bottom one B always has to be below 70 to work

I personally would really like to see OR in the when section. This would eliminate the need to have 10 flows with only one.

For instance: When front door sensor alarm OR window sensor alarm OR xxy OR xxz – THEN —

That also would be nice David
I also had to copy the flow for both humidity sensors so they both can trigger the flow
I have to make 6 flows to switch the van to low , medium or high with 2 sensors

I started the flow with only 1 agara sensor in my bathroom, this works fine I can test this simply by taking a shower. Now I added the humidity of my nest thermostat. I am just not sure if the “and” after the “or”
will cause the flow only to trigger when the nest thermostat shows below 70

Sometimes homey fails at really the simplest things one would find normal. Yes yes, you can do the workaround but you loose the simplicity, the neat and tidy.

Maybe the logic is inversed, why would you want one readable flow when you can have 10-15 flows. It looks more complicated and “smarter” . Hahahhahahahahahahahah :joy::joy::joy:

I reposted the flow
It is a bit difficult to get my nest thermostat up to 70% humidity.
I just dont know how Homey handels the " and or and" behind each other

How about not hijacking a topic?

did you read the links I provided? It’s stated there how it should work…

Please stay on-topic. This topic is about how to use “Or” in a flow, not the lack of “Or” in the WHEN part.
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this is how it works.

Thanks JPe

I am new to Homey and can work out where to place things but have no experience with how homey handles the logic. So thanks

Thanks Roy
But this does not explain whether AND used after an OR is executed first or last.
When I use the test button which one of the two "when"s is then replaced?
so will the agara sensor output or my nest ouput be forced

Just wondering how difficult can it be just to try things? as stated in the links I’ve gave you:

“If all Flow cards in one the “or” groups get a green checkmark the Flow cards in the “then” column will be processed. If none of the “or” groups gets a green checkmark, the Flow cards in the “else” group will be processed by Homey.”

and did you actually already pressed the test button in the last couple of hours?