How to use tasker to get a usable presence detection in Homey

I have an unused Tasker app on my android phone and I want to give it a go to be able to get presence detection in Homey (2.0).

But how do I set this up?

Can I invite @seiko and others to give some inside info?

I use the Automateit app to detect if my phone is in or outside a zone. I don’t call it presence detection, becouse I don’t have my phone 24/7 in my pocket.

On Homey I have the Webhook manager app an Automatit sends HTTP-commands to homey, that sets a variable. More about HTTP commands in this Blog:

Homey now has a build in webhook that you can find within logic. When you create a webhook it explains how to set it up. Combine that with the RESTask addon for Tasker and you’re all set to go :).

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