Best way to integrate homey and tasker

I found this post the other day ([TUTORIAL] Using Tasker / KLWP together with Homey - #4 by Phuturist) and was wondering if there are any better ways to trigger tasker from homey, preferrably without ifttt.


There is a new way; Homey met sir short cuts

This is for integration with Siri, isn’t it? Or was the thought that I could have Homey send to Assistant and in turn to Tasker?

You can make some of automatation in tasker and add an favorite flow in Homey

Thanks, but that’s the other way. I want Homey to signal Tasker, so that Tasker can do its job (which may or may not involve asking Homey to start a flow).

I am using the Tasker plugin Join to communicate with Homey.

See: Join – Tasker and Join

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Thanks! I’ll look into that :slight_smile:

Me was always thinking that Tasker was an android thingie!