How to use physic KNX switch to control HUE lights

Does anybody know how to switch a HUE light (or another non-KNX device) with a KNX physical switch?

First you have to create a KNX device. You connect ist with a group address where you have the Button Objekt of you physical KNX Switch in.
Then you have to create a flow and start with the new KNX switch and

Start: If the KNX button ist pressed (ON)
-> then power on the HUE-light…

This is theoretical but I will figure it out within the next days…


Door middel van ESP32 achter een schakelaar en de homeyduino app ga ik mijn hue lampen aansturen. Enkel voor de All Off functie in huis ga ik mijn KNX installatie gebruiken in een flow.

With an ESP32 behind a switch and the homeyduino app I am going to control my hue lamps. I will only use my KNX installation in a flow for the All Off function at home.