How to: Timer on a light turned on by sensor

Hi Homey brain - a question regarding timer:
Lighting in my entire home is zigbee/hue enabled managed by 2 Hue Bridges. I use iConnecthue as my primary app for setting this up. I also have a Homey mainly because I have the need for having sensors on one bridge to turn on lightning on one or more devices connected to another bridge than the one the sensor is connected to. That works fine👍
But - I have a problem with controlling the period a light is turned on in Homey app? That is easily done in every Hue app. But not in Homey flows.
Any ideas what to do?

Someone made an pretty good explanation for that already, if you followed the rules and used the search option this forum has you would already have found your answer.

Hi Caseda - just what I needed - than you very much. You say “follow the rules”. I actually did try to search but obviously my search phrases did not match this article. I am sorry to have been of inconvenience - but IMO this is also what this forum is for: A community that guides the way (just as you did) when the system can not.
Thank you once again👍