How to set volume on my Sony TV?

Hello everybody,

I am making a flow for my television. I get the tv to start and change to the correct channel. But is there any simple way in “advanced flow” to set the volume to a fixed value, for example 15. I only see volume up and down. Which command or card should you use to set the volume to lika 15 at ones?

Have a nice weekend!
// Per

If I search the App Store for Sony TV, there are already 3 different apps:

Or maybe you’re using the internal Homey IR interface or an other IR hub. Who knows.

Anyway, because I don’t use any of the mentioned apps or any IR devices, I probably won’t be able to help you. I just wanted to point out that they don’t provide much imformation.

Did you find any solution?

Possible with a flow from the app: Sony BRAVIA Android TV