How to see the content of my HOMEY 2023

I wonder how I can see the content of my Homey 2023 ??

How do you mean?


I’d like to see the content concerning files, folders and so on …

It’s probably really simple and straightforward but I don(t find the trick !

I saw a video on YouTube where he says he uses the terminal to do this …

I do not understand what is this terminal

However, he is not working with Homey 2023, but the previous one.

In fact, I’m on the way to try to implement a new driver, that’s why …

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Are you aware of the knowledge base?

In that case you need to jailbreak your Homey: [HowTo] [Modding] Guide to Jailbreak a Homey Pro 2023

It seems pretty complicated ….

I got a driver on GitHub and I change the manufacturer_ID.

So, I have now a folder which contains :

And when I type ‘homey app driver create’, he said there is no valid Homey app in the directory and claim for a file : app.json

What is going wrong ?

I don’t understand what this has to do with being able to see the contents of your Homey, this is about app development. For that, start here:

I understand your misunderstanding ….

In the vidéo about driver implementation I saw, the presenter uses a terminal to be able to see the files and folders and I’d like to be able to do the same.

But it seems pretty difficult with Homey 2023.

And perhaps not necessary ?

My aim is to implement a new driver.

In the Apps SDK documentation, at the chapter ‘Drivers & Devices, it is said that I have to type ‘homey app driver create’ and then the system is supposed to ask some questions in order to generate a kind of skeleton …

But nothing of this kind happens, I only got an error : the system is asking for an app.json …

So, I do not understand …

Finally, is it possible to implement a new driver without having to do complicated things such jailbreaking ?

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The error is telling you to run the command in the directory where app.json is located. You’re running it inside a driver directory.

Yes, it’s perfectly possible. I haven’t watched the video, but it’s not showing the contents of a Homey (but probably the contents of an app directory on the local computer).

You are right … it was the content of folders on its PC !!
But, what I have to put in app.json or package.json as I only want to create a driver ?

This is the link to the video :

Run homey app driver create

OK, but I got this message :

I guess I misunderstood.

There is no such thing as “only a driver”, a driver is always part of an app. So you need to create a new application, and to that application you add a new driver.

It’s all explained in the documentation I already linked to.

Thank you
It becomes more clear but … less simple !
Best regards

I am progressing …

I can pair the device.

The cards are here.

But, when I try to change a parameter in the device, I got different errors : ‘the device cannot be reached by ID’ or ‘network request failed’ or TimeOut.

Any idea ?


Good news : my app and its driver are now working.
I can pair the device and modify their parameters.
The cards are here but they are not working.
I can’t get any information from the device.

I think it’s probably a mapping issue.
Is there somewhere a doc usable to help analysing the interview of the device ?