How to retrieve Homey energy data for zones in flows

Maybe an easy question for many users, but I couldn’t find an appropriate answer while searching the forum.

In homey each device has a value for it’s energy consumption. Homey calculates the energy sum for all devices in any zone and displays the sum on each zone while navigating within the zone tree structure.

How can I retrieve the energy value for a specific zone within a flow for example?

Shouldn’t be tough I guess, but maybe I am wrong. Any help is very much welcome.

No, not Homey!
The Homey Mobile app…
It does it real time you view it.
Afaik the sum isn’t stored nor calculated on Homey.

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That’s disappointing - but thanks for your feedback.

Meanwhile I found a way how to retrieve energy related data from hue bulbs.

Via HomeyScript you can read the energy data specified in homey for hue lights for example.

Not as nice as if homey would provide this thru variables and/or flows, but it works.