How to repair pairing Atag and Homeyduino

Hi there,

I am using several Homeyduino devices and paired them using the app. Same with my Atag One. Some weeks ago I lost the pairing with the Atag and it needed a new pairing, so first removed the old device. As a result its flows got corrupted and I lost all historic data. Same last week with Homeyduino (where controlling the Homeyduino from the Homey was still possible, but no triggers were received anymore by the Homey from the Homeyduino. Restarts did not help. Very strange).

  • is there a way to repair pairing, so without corrupting the related flows?
  • what has happened when a paired device suddenly communicates only upwards?

Thanks for your help and comment again.

Typically: no. Certain types of app may offer to “fix” a device, but that’s usually only possible for devices that are controlling using a cloud or local (TCP/IP) connection (for instance when the device has changed its IP-address).

Homey is a black box, there aren’t any logs that you can view to find out why an app suddenly has issues. Perhaps the Homeyduino app performs some debug logging, but those logs would only be visible if you’d run the app from the command line.

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Thanks Robert. Here HomeyDuino issues / failure the same loss of only the trigger signals and repair of flows was mentioned. You advised to restart the Homeyduino app then Rindler did that with success. So you can remove the app without loss of flows and without loss of Insights data?

Restarting an app is not the same as removing it (although I think that removing and then reinstalling an app will probably leave flows and Insights data alone, but I don’t really remember).

Hi, I assume that Atag has 2fa incorporated in their app. Perhaps Marcel can adjust that in the app. Seams to me, that according to the log,the authorization fails.