Homey tab flow gives an error

I have off today this message. Restarting does not help. Checked Homey status but everything is online.

:open_mouth: I did retry​:ok_hand:

Did a PTP, after a switched Homey on a loud noice busted my ears. Replaced the adapter with a iphone 5v adapter and restarted. Homey restarted, showed for 2 minutes a red ring and than the lights of Homey went out.

I can connect with homey, but still when I go to the tab Flows I get a error message.

Did try to reset Homey. 10 seconds upside down. Strange thing is that i have to upgrade homey from 2.5 to 3.2. Did not have any other choice. Ok, have done that. I can connect to Homey. But still no possibility to go to my flows. Also my flows still don’t work.

Also did a request at Athom’s support. But it can take some days untill they react because of less personal this month.

So my smart home isn’t as smart at this point. I have a very dumb house with many smart devices.

Deleted the app on my iphone and reinstalled. No solution.

In case it is the adapter, how many ampere/watt is the adapter?
it should be more than 2.1A or 12W (a tablet adapter usually had that power)

As I see you have changed your power adapter you might have tested the 10 min ptp, else I would suggest pulling the plug for more than 10 minutes and then start your Homey in the normal fashion.

Also make sure the power adapter have a minimum of 2.1A, 2.4A is the better.

Does developer.athom.com work for you?

Changed the adapter to a 12w, 2.4A (it was a 5v 1A). At this moment unluckily this didn’t do the job. Now trying restarting and a ptp.
Yesterdag i did a ptp for 8 hours which did not help.

Restarting still does not help. Will try the ptp.

Ptp for an hour, no solution, reset, no solution.
Developerspage everything seems oke, zwave and zigbee. But still no access to the flow tab. Connection error

Very strange, just for the heck of it. Can you see the flows on the url: https://flow.homey.app/

If you also don’t see them there, you may want to contact Athom Support. Maybe something happened to the data on your homey sphere. Not saying it’s true, just a thought.

maybe log-out / login or restart or reinstall the phone app?

I already did delete the app, logged out first and installed again.
@anon8748058 I get this message when I follow your link. There has happened Something with the database.

Hope I did not lose every flow. Had a few hundred of flows and was waiting for the backup functionality.

Doesn’t look good, think you need help from Athom.

Yep I contacted them friday, but because of holidays it will take longer. Unfortunately i cannot give them a call, but I have to wait untill they react.

That doesn’t look good. I hope for you that Athom can fix it for you somehow.