How to remove light from "Association"

Anyone know what this means: “d.commands multi-channel remove association is not a function”?

One of my lights connected to a Fibaro Dimmer 2 seems to have got itself a group by itself.

I noticed under Advanced Settings>Associations Group 1 there is a "1’ against it wheres Groups 2-4 there is a “-”, so I change it to a “-” like all the others and I get this message:

This flashes up for half a second in a red box at the top of the screen “d…commands multi-channel remove association is not a function”

I try again and delete the 1 and I get the same message.

How am I supposed to remove it from the group?

This 1 at group 1 is right, 1 is Homey so the device must always be associated with Homey.
For the other groups they should be empty when you click on this group, witch results in a “-” (dash) on the settings page.

If the problems remain, then reset the Homey (PTP for 10 minutes)

Thanks. [32] other lights in my set-up have “-” in Group 1 but work with Homey just fine. Powering off Homey didn’t make any difference

Sounds strange, normally after including the 1 is automatically entered by Homey, I’ve never seen a “-” in Group 1, but if it works, let it work :grinning:

Here Fibro FGS 212

A large number of Fibaro devices use Group 3 instead of Group 1 (Life Line), especially the older ones.