How to move devices from one zone to another

I am embarrased to ask this question as the answer must be so obvious. That must be why when I search in the knowledge base with a very simple question - “how do I move devices from one zone to another?” I am not able to find an answer. I am just getting started and I have over 500 IOT devices to migrate to Homey Pro. I felt like I could just dive in so the first thing I did was add some HUE Lights. I currently have 8 HUE bridges and I need to add a 9th. So, I started with my office and its 27 lights. The lights were added to the Home Zone at the top of the Zone List. I want to move them to the Office Zone. It is probably staring me in the face, but I do not see it, and my searches do not find it. Along this same topology question I have also tried to search on “What is the difference between a zone and a group, and when do you use each one?” Any help is appreciated.

In the Homey app, click on a device and hold the device, right top corner click settings, then you get this page

There you can change the zone.
In the web app I thought it was with a right click of the mouse.


Hi @Jack_Martin,
You have to remove them from one place in zone one, carry it to the other zone …
Sorry for that. :innocent:
Just go to Devices right-click (Web client) and click Move. In the smartphone app you have to hold for a second and then go to Settings . There you can go to the zone and change the entry.
I do not know about other type of groups than zones. If they exist, hopefully someone else will tell (us).

Thanks so much. Is it possible to move multiples at one time?

or you can click and hold the device in the web app , and move it to the new zone.

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Just so you know, the devices got added to Home because that’s what you had open when you added them. If you open the correct zone in the devices tab and then add a device, it will go to the right place.


Thanks so much Andy. I figured that out
From a going foresrd process but I was totally frustrated that I was unable to figure out what I knew was going to be an issue if a DNG trying to drive the app.

I was probably more frustrated with the lack of a solution when I posed a very clear and straightforward question in the support knowledge base.

The lack of an cnswer to my most basic question I felt indicated three things.

  1. The lack of answer to my very basic question told me that the answer was so simple that it never occurred to me smart guys at Homey that anyone would pose such a question. I feel like I would have been able to figure it out if I was working with the Web App. But because Homey starts you off with the device apps, which unlike the Windows/ Browser environment is not as uniform in how the UI is designed.
  2. If Homie continues in the leadership position, they’re gonna get a lot more guys like me who they better be ready for because we’re kind of these knuckleheads who think we know what we’re doing but we don’t.
  3. As I mentioned, I have 500 or so IOT devices in a very large home. I’ve really automated everything. I made it because I have Parkinson’s disease and I’m expecting to to prolong the amount of time that my wife and I can live in this house by automating everything that I can. As result, I have a pretty good understanding of how things work together and I’ve done a lot of work in this area, but I’m not a coder, and I don’t know if I ever want to be a coder. But I do know enough to be pretty proficient and putting the pieces together. so Homie needs to be aware that Kaiser coming at this thing with some very good intuition by how things should work and have always said the good software doesn’t need a manual they should just lead you where you need to go.

What I’ve seen this for with Homey is very encouraging and I want to help them and every anyway I can so open this up as a trouble ticket to make sure that they’re aware of the new guy who’s coming on the scene who has a Tennessee to want to try to do everything they can do and therefore I have a Tennessee to to find the cases that don’t work. Before I think there’s gonna be a lot more guys like me who have have the resources and the time as I’m now retired because of my Parkinson’s disease to to stretch the stretch through their technology, and I think we can help them a lot, but but they need to make it so we can use it don’t have to be a cohead.

Please let me know if you have any additional perspective if I’m barking at the wrong tree or if if if Homie gonna listen or not so let me know thanks I appreciate all your help thank you bye

Jack Martin

The support database isn’t using an AI or automatic responds BOT or Human to determine your question made of a full sentence, it is a pretty “dumb” search engine, it expects maybe 1 or 2 key words, at most.

If you have any suggestions on improvement, the community forum isn’t the best place though, the chances of Athom actually reading your posts is 50/50, and responding only a 0.01% chance, you are better of using the support form for that.