How to measure airco power usage


My airco units will be installed in a few weeks and I’m looking for a solution to measure their power usage in Homey.

The units will be connected directly to the circuit breaker so a smart plug is no option.
I think I saw a smart circuit breaker somewhere but I can’t find any info on it so I’m probably mistaken.

The only option I see is to use a surface mounted Fibaro single switch which then is only used to measure power usage.

Any other options?


Create a power outlet at you meter cupboard , or wire a shelly 1pm into it.

Homewizard has 1-fase and 3-fase power meters for this purpose. These can be connected between the circuit breaker and airco powercable.
Afaik there are no smart circuit breakers yet with power metering (and status indicator).

2- and 3-fase Smart Energy Meters for the breaker box are also available from Qubino (Z-Wave). But only the 2-fase SEM is supported by the App.

Aeotec Home Energy Meter (2 Clamps, Z-Wave).

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Yeah, clamp sensors are the way to go in this case. Just let a (qualified) electrician take care of installing them, because that can be quite tricky, especially in a consumer unit.

That’s the one I meant (the Qubino)! Perfect for the job!

I was thinking about the clamps but want to avoid the extra clutter, these mount on the rails and fit perfect in the box.
Maybe a bit costly for measuring power without any added function (in my case) but at least this way it’s easy measuring and controlling peak power usage in the future.

Thanks for the replies!

A shelly 1pm can be added to the wiring and they sell dinrail mounts so you’ll be done for about half the price ofthe qubino. Due to esthetics the qubino is the better choice

As a follow-up, I bought the Qubino and it works perfect.