Overall power meter really working

Has anybody experienced an overall power meter really working, i.e. measuring what it neads to be measured, power change, when it is close to a threshold, current, voltage and so on?
I read some posts on Aeotec which appears to have still many troubles.

I do that with my Neo plugs yes. But i don’t understand ur question. Can u be more specific?

In Victoria, Australia (not the only place) the government rolled out ‘smart electrical meters’ - they Run on Zigbee SE (Smart Energy), which has been really great for measuring overall power …

Is that what your asking?

thanks a lot for suggestions
however both measure on single appliance not the overall from circuit breaker

looking for more suggestions

Hi Stepic7,

If your fusebox is equipped with a smart power meter like Jamie indicated you could probably hook into that and read those values. They give you the total usage for everything in your house. Here in the Netherlands they often come with a P1 connector. You can buy a P1 cable (https://www.slimmemeterkabel.nl/) and hook it up to Domoticz pretty easily. I did that and pull the domoticz values from homey. Nice thing about this is that it also have the gas values, so now my homey ring turns red if in the last 5 minutes I started using a lot of energy and blue if that is true for gas.

For single plugged in devices you could use the Fibaro Wall plug. I use those to extend my Z-Wave network and don’t really need the power measurement, but they seem to measure it pretty well.

My lights are working with the Fibaro Dimmer 2, that one also comes with a build in energy meter.

apparently this opens a lot of possibilities
Do you know if Domoticz is compatible with Homey?
I don’t see any App with this name
thanks a lot

There are a couple of apps for homey supporting the P1 cable (https://apps.athom.com/app/com.plugwise.smile). I choose to run Domoticz (free) on a raspberry Pi (cheap) and connected a USB->P1 cable between the raspberry and smart meter. The devices are available within domoticz and it was reasonable easy to let it log both energy and gas consumption. This way I “own” the data and have advanced reporting within the Domoticz app.

As far as I know of there is no app integrating Domoticz with homey, but Domotics has its own API. Homey has the “HTTP Request flow cards” app (https://apps.athom.com/app/com.internet). Pulling the values from Domoticz is explained here:

https://forum.athom.com/discussion/2285/domoticz-data (I use the pull method at page 2 by Phuturist). It reads the daily total of both energy and gas to 2 variables I can then use everywhere. Before setting those variables I set the previous values to previous values and calculate the usage in between. If that is higher than what I would like within that period I turn the homey ring red or blue (if it is energy or gas related), to notify me that the last 5 minutes I have been using a lot of that.

Works fairly well and the variables can be seen within Homey insights. But for a way better and detailed overview I can still switch to Domoticz.

I don’t recommand the use of a Plugwise P1 SMILE https://apps.athom.com/app/com.plugwise.smile device. It worked fine for a while, but until now both my Plugwise devices broke within one year of use. So no smile for me with this stuff. :disappointed_relieved:

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Yep, I have a similar setup as @Cuflee, but in my case I use my Synology NAS as a host for Domoticz. Homey requests the data every xx minutes/hours via a P1 cable.

At 23:59 I collect the gas and electricity usage for that day and add them to better logic variables. At 00:00 these 2 values are multiplied with the actual cost per per m3 / kWh and the outcome is e-mailed to me.

So, when I wake up, I have an e-mail that shows me the total usage and cost of gas and electricity.

Cool, nice idea about that daily cost e-mail. That’s a fun addition I think I’ll add as well. Home automation… you never stop improving it :slight_smile:. Also smart to use your NAS to run Domoticz. I wonder if I could do the same with my QNAP. Would save me the raspberry and power consumption for that raspberry, cause now it’s only purpose is running domoticz (what I only use for power readings).

Also you should take a look at youless with enelogic. I can see my consumption for every 10 seconds and gas usage per hour. However this uses the Dutch P1 connection, if you are Dutch, great, if not you’ll have to check.

There is also a youless homey app.

An interesting novelty is represented by the OWL Intuition-e devices able to read both one phase and three phase supplies.

It is provided with its own interface for smartphone which and however DOES NOT interface with zwave controllers and therefore with Homey as well
However there some suggestions which could make easy interfacing for people with sufficient skill, see

I wonder developers at Athom could exploit its capabilities to collect both electricity as well as gas consumptions and use these readings to take decisions within a developed zwave platform as Homey is

https://sites.google.com/site/nta8130p1smartmeter/ Trying to set this up his week, eager to see what it can do but I have high hopes. Will keep you posted on my progress. Here is their demo site: http://smd.simple-url.com:1967/SMD/ They hvae no connection to Homey, but I can think of some features that would be lovely, like Homey responding to some powerpeaks, telling you, you are better of running the dishwasher nights instead of during daytime.

This one works great for me:

I got the same HASEMAN PRM-10 module including 10 amperemetric clamps.
Great product which fits into the electrical panel and which communicates in Zwave with Fibaro, Vera,… When I pair with Homey it is detected as a basic Zwave device.
How did you pair your module, under which name and which manufacturer?
See you soon


I use Home Energy Meter Gen5 and it works without any problem.

Do you still use these?
If so…

How fast is the update frequency? Do they update their status once a minute or is it ‘real-time’?