How to manage a unsuccessful request to a device


Sometimes Homey receives an error message when sending a request to a device.

For example, I have a Dingz Switch that triggers a flow to turn off a Philio Plugin Switch.
For a period of time, the philio device couldn’t be contacted (I don’t know why). So Homey raised an error message to say that it didn’t receive an acknowledge from the Philio device.

How do you manage that kind of situation?
Do we have an option to keep sending the request as long as we don’t receive the ack?
Is there a way to do a loop in a flow to continue sending the request?

Thank you in advance for your replies.


It is possible to create a loop using one of the timer apps. So, when the error occurs, start a timer. When the timer reaches 0 start the flow again.

The plugin switch can be at the edge of the zwave signal range. Maybe you can add a mains powered zwave device somewhere between Homey and the plugin switch, so the zwave mesh network gets expanded a little.