How to fully delete an app ?!

I am wanting to fully delete an app from my homey pro (i am talking about the YCH Legrand + app)

Because the problem is that when i installed it at first, i was asked legrand credentials, but i put them wrong. So i tried to delete the app and reinstall, but these credentials are still there , i am not asked anymore to fill credentials !
So i am stuck there…

Does the app have an App Settings page where you can change them?

Hi Robert !
No in app settings there is no way of doing that.
Could it be that these credentials are inside the google chrome session ?

No, that shouldn’t be the case.

I don’t know anything about how the app works, but typically, when you create a device you’re asked for credentials, but that’s not the case with this app? At what point is it asking you for credentials?

Exact, it was asking me credentials when adding a device, after having choosen the device type(light, shutter,…) Now it s not asking anymore.
Is there not a script that i could put in the console that would erase all cache then?

Have you deleted all devices that are related to the app?

No, but it sounds like an oversight of the app not to allow changing your credentials, so I would try contacting the developer (their contact information, and also a link to an issues page, are on the app store page for the app).

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Is there a repair function in device settings? I normal cases the credentials dialog is shown for auth (if no credentials are set). And the repair dialog is used to reauth.
Else you only can uninstall the app and install again. This should clear all app data - and devices.