How to remove an App from the App Store


I got really frustrated with some users that have comments on an App that doesn’t work probably and more or less demand a fix for their device. As a developer, it is impossible to get all devices and to test this. They forgot that we do this in our free time. I started to develop this app for personal use and shared it to make it possible that other people could use this as well. It is clearly stated that it only works on device xxx. But it seems that I am better off not sharing it. Therefore my question, How can I remove an app from the app store in the developer console?


Sad to hear this, but I understand it.
You can’t delete an app yourself though, you’ll need to get in contact with Athom support for that.

Hi Marcel,

I can understand your frustration. However, I suspect that many users are not aware that you programmers spend your free time for this.
I would be sad to see that you delete the app from the App Store, even though I guess I don’t use the app myself.
Every app that is deleted is a loss!

By the way, Athom deleted the ratings on some Athom apps in one of the last updates. Maybe that would be a possibility. Also, you could update the info text of the app, for example, that no more devices should be added.

Do not let such, probably unprofessional and unjustified ratings get you down.

Best regards


Dont know wich app(s) and doesnt realky matters, do i use your app(s) also doesnt matter. Iam just thankfull to you and all developers who sharing their apps with us. Sadly not everyone doesnt understanding the simpel facts your descripe, and its a real shame.


@MarcelT Maybe you can ask another developer to take over the maintenance of your App?


Tried this but no interest unfortunately.

A bit off topic but I think homey should give devs the option to ask money for their app. In the range of 1-10 euro.


I am a fan of Connect Life360 and would miss the app for sure. I’ve taken a look at the 1.2.2 version on Github, and although I have writen a few apps myself, non of them as advance as Connect Life360. I would really miss the app, and I hope you can update the Github with 1.2.4. If I need to recover my Homey I would really miss the app if it can’t be downloaded from the appstore anymore.

I really want to thank you for your hard work with this app, for me (and my household) it was they only reliable precense app, it never failed me/us. Pitty you had to take this decision, altough I understand why.

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This app will stay. No worries. Thank you for your kinds words! Really appreciated! Thanks for your contribution!