How to find out what's using the CPU


Is there any way to find out what consumes the CPU on a Homey?
I noticed that mine feel a bit slow and looked at the system debug page, the Homey used to have a load at around 0.1 or 0.01 but the last days it’s looked like this:

cpus [{“model”:“ARMv7 Processor rev 10 (v7l)”,“speed”:996,“times”:{“user”:305896300,“nice”:603300,“sys”:59851500,“idle”:83110300,“irq”:0}}]
date 2018-11-29T21:13:13.463Z
date_dst false
date_human Thursday 29th November 2018 22:13:13
devmode false
freemem 23846912
freemem_human 5%
homey_version 1.5.13
hostname Homey
loadavg [1.1298828125,1.12744140625,1.09228515625]

I haven’t added any new apps, just more lamps… so I’m wondering if there’s a way to find out what’s consuming the CPU?

I’ve tried to reboot it, but it goes back to the 1/1/1 load immediately after boot.

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Go to and log in.
You see all your installed apps and can by selecting an app, you can see the CPU en Memory usage.
This way you can find out if there is a ‘dirty’ app.

Thank you, that was a very useful link.
Unfortunately none of my installed apps used more than 30M of RAM and the highest CPU consumption was 0.2%, so the issue must come from some part of the core Homey… is there a way to see what the core is doing?

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It could also be that because you added more lamps the zwave network has more information to process and therefore homey.

If you go the the same page and go to the zwave part you can see the topology of zwave. Look at the numbers. Is there a lot of failure somewhere? This could cause homey to resend the command over and over again.

I have it here sometimes when one of my greenwave nodes decides to flood the network with rubbish.

But the question is. What does feel slow on homey?

Ohh, that’s a nice page… thanks for the recommendation.

I have 9 z-wave units including the Homey, one is offline and the others are online and secure.
0 Tx errors and 0 Tx queue on all devices, so I would assume that means that the Z wave network is fine.

For Zigbee I have 18 units including Homey, but I don’t see any nice status information about those.

The Homey isn’t horrible slow, it’s just that before I noticed the load being at 1, the pages online and in the app loaded faster… now it feels like everything has a 1-2 sec delay… I’m also having some issues with not all Zigbee light bulbs reacting like they should, sometimes I have to resend the on or off commands for them to react.

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my guess is that it should be somewhere in the zigbee mesh / handling within homey. Are the zigbee devices the same brand?

No, I have a mix of brands for the ZigBee:

  • 12x IKEA bulbs
  • 4x Philips bulbs
  • 4x Innr power sockets

(sorry for the late reply)

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