How to disable contact alarm in Android Homey 2.0 app

My Fibaro door-sensor device has an alarm message in the new Homey 2.0 app (Android). I’m trying to figure out how I can cancel this alarm.
Haven’t been able to find it - anyone more luck than me??


You can’t disable that manually.
Your sensor will have to send the off-signal.
Seeing that your sabotage alarm is also on, I’m guessing the signals aren’t reaching homey correctly.

Okay, thanks, somewhat unfortunate that Homey doesn’t seem to be able to reach my sensor with the 2.0 version. I’ve never noticed this with the previous version…
Is this something Athom should look into to?

Good question…
I’ve had this problem before also.
Usually I was able to fix it by waking up the sensor.

looks like an old an persistent problem. i have the same issue with my fibaro motion sensor’s. the tamper alarm is always on and i can’t deactivate this.

Always on makes the tamper alarm useless…:rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::disappointed:

thats the problem :))

I have a similar issue with an Aeotec PIR and a Popp lock. Homey will sometimes miss the events. Very annoying as it means my light does not switch off and Homey tells me my door has been left open.
Again, this has only been happening since the V2 update.

Discovered this afternoon that I had the same problem with one of my Fibaro motion sensors :smile:

Was able to get it fixed by waking it up a couple of times…

Just remembered, don’t think I fixed it by just waking it up.
I woke it up and then did a heal on the developer-page.
It updated the route now, before it connected straight to Homey, which is too far since it’s on another floor. Now it hops through a Fibaro Dimmer 2.

How did you make it hop if I may ask? Can you configure that somewhere? And how can you check it hops?

You can’t force that. The z-wave mesh ‘decides’ that for itself.
Just try it yourself. :slight_smile:
Go to and find your device.
Open your sensor and triple-click the button, then right away (before it goes to sleep-mode again) click the three dots next to your device and select Heal.
Hopefully that works for you.

Add a flow to deactivate the alarm.

DigitalOcean SiteGround iPage

You can’t use a flow to deactivate that. You can’t deactivate it at all yourself. The sensor has to send the signal AND Homey has to receive it :smirk: